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Thread: Training for strength

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    Training for strength

    Just curious about the differences between training for strength and for size. I've heard that for strength you need to do more warmup sets, and low reps, as well as focusing on more compound excercises rather than the isolation ones used for size.

    Beyond that, what are some good general tips for me to go by? Right now I'm checking out natural bodybuilding resources like this one:

    and I'm thinking of making my routine similar to the sample chest one he outlines here:

    What do you guys think? What kind of routine do I need for strength training?

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    Dan, care to add one of those threads to your sig FAQ?

    Pick up heavy things, put down heavy things, rest, eat, rest, eat, repeat.
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    I didn't look at the links - just want to ask an important question...

    How are you defining strength?
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    Yeah, are you looking to increase your 1RM or 3RM or be a strongman competitor? Do you just want to be bigger and stronger? There are different ways to train to emphasize these different goals, but the basics like Power said are just lift heavy, eat suffieciently and get enough rest.
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    I'm just assuming you want to be able to lift heavy weights for 1-5 reps or so. This would require you to train in that rep range. This type of training will not build much size if used exclusively, but will help to get you stronger if you are eating right and recovering between workouts.


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