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Thread: orange juice

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    orange juice

    i'm addicted to orange juice. I drink so much a day and I've heard it's bad for you cause it has all this sugar and what not. So is it truly bad to drink orange juice? espically when I'm trying to get a 6 pack.

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    i would say one glass a day in the am or early afternoon wouldn't hurt ya. Try to buy a organic OJ or one with less sugar. I would drop it if your having trouble hitting your cals/perday.

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    the only big issue would be the sugar and if your drinking a bunch of glasses you may be over your caloric needs. If your gonna drink it have it with a meal so the sugar is better absorbed withe the food.
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    Try diluting it with water. You'll drink less of it and you will save some money too.
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    Get natural orange juice...the one without added sugar. I forgot what the brand was called, but I know there are a few that don't add sugar. And try not to drink too much if it's a problem for you.
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    All that acid can't be good for the tummy.

    If you are drinking that much, try water with a few lemon wedges. It'll fill you up with some flavor.

    And as for getting a "six pack" the rest of your diet might me of more concern.
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    I would stay away just because of the sugar. Too much sugar is bad no matter where it comes from.
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