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Thread: Best p2p programs

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    emule here... but for the past few months people have been serving at <2kb/s )(#!*)(!*@#$

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    Quote Originally Posted by VasDeferens
    not really.

    most isps block the standard ports that the torrent programs use. use a different port.

    (and update the firewall if you use one)

    you're a champ bro I just quadrupled previous speeds


    So I go into Bit Comet to change the port and I'm thinking I don't know what port to change it to, so I'll have to just try a random number

    Low and behold Bit Comet has a "Choose Random Port" button for newbies like me

    how sweet it is...

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    Anyone try Limewire? I havn't got any corrupted files or any of that bull and they have almost any song I could think of so far that I wanted at decent d/l speeds. I think it cost money for the software, but I got a free copy myself.

    Edit: I see someone has already mentioned it. None the less another vote though from me.
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