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Thread: is it possible?

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    is it possible?

    Ok- i have measured my arms for the fun of it more than once. Meaning to do a full body measure and pictures (but been to lazy to get around to it). I could of sworn i had 14 1/2" arms. I have only been on my first lifting cycle, using WBB#1 for 5 weeks. I picked up the tape for the heck of it this morning and its around 16". I just dont think its possible, is it? Maybe they were 15 1/2. But i swore not! I havent stayed as true to my diet as i'd like so i know im eating enough cal to gain. Also been using creatine for last 2 weeks i'd guesss. I have followed the program and havent missed any days yet! also added some extra bi and tri in (just one extra set) cause i didnt get sore at all like the rest of my body does after a workout. thanks for any ideas.

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    It might be possible, when you first begin to lift weights you usually have explosive results. But an inch, I don't know maybe.
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    Some people just have really good bicep genetics. I know for me, I do very little for my arms (very few sets per week) and they seem to grow very well with little effort. The first time I measured my arms was about 6 months ago. At that point they measured just under 16". Now they are just under 17". I think that's pretty damn good seeing as I didn't put on much more fat in that time period (maybe even lost some). However, I know some of my friends struggle with their arms doing more sets per week and really focusing on their arm size and their results are not even close to mine... I have other examples but this post is too long already so I'll leave it at that. To answer your question directly yes it is possible, just not likely to happen in such a short period of time.
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    I guess i need to get off my arse and do a full body measure and pictures! I am starting to see alot of fat loss and starting to see the splits in some of my muscles. (never before seen any split in my calves but am now)also losing around my gut (starting to look funny, as one side is losing more than the other!) cant wait to get my diet completely in ck! am just proud of myself that im going to the gym every scheduled day as of now! thanks,maybe this post will motivate me enough to do the pics!


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