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Thread: abs can not be seen sometimes?

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    abs can not be seen sometimes?

    I can see definition of my abs when i am lieing down on my back... however when i stand up i cant see the defintion anymore---just a diamond shape (the perimeter). Is there a reason for this? Is it genetics, fat? or should i do more abs? Im 6' with 8.5% bodyfat.

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    its fat, the fat pulls away when your lying down.

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    Im worried I'll never see my lower abs as well, my bodyfat is probably around 14%, I can see the top two barely. I have all of this loose skin around on either side of my belly button (former fatty), which comes with lots of stretch marks yay!
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    yeah you need to get into the 10-12% range to see abs. There is really no away around it, unless you are a genetic freak
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    @ 8.5%bf I would expect that you would be able to see your abs
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    if you want abs to show do some running to cut down your stomach

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorge Sanchez
    @ 8.5%bf I would expect that you would be able to see your abs
    Unless he hasn't gotten his abs big enough. He should try doing some more ab exercises with heavier weight and that should do it. If that doesn't work then I don't know what will.

    I have the same problem but I'm at like 14% BF. When I lay down I can see the top abs really easily but not so much the lower abs. When I stand up and don't flex then I can't see any at all. I wanna get down to 10%

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    If you are getting 8.5 % via calipers add 2-3% for a closer approximation.
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