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Thread: Deadlift question, sorry

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    Deadlift question, sorry

    Ya this must have been asked a million times before. But ok. For deadlifts, are you supposed to pause at the bottom? rest the weight for a moment? I've just been tapping the floor then "exploding" right back up but I wonder how the rest of you do it

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    i think what you're doing is fine.
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    Some people like myself will drop the bar and regrip every rep. Some people will drop but not regrip. Some people will stop about 1-2inches above the floor. The important part is keeping good form.

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    depends on goals.
    if powerlifting. i would stop at the bottom for 1-2 secs as you want to get used to powering off the floor.
    if doing it for BBing. no issue with keeping going so you get continous tension etc. as long as your not resting like 5 plus secs for Bbing. then its fine.
    thoguh you may want to pause for 5 secs if goign beyond faluire.
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    You don't have to pause, but bouncing off the floor is probably not the best option as this can really screw up your form. If you want a full ROM without hitting the floor, you can stand on plates and practice barely touching the floor on each rep - this way you will have benefit of the stretch-reflex, a full range of motion, and not screw up you form w. a bounce.

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    Or you can load up 35lbs plates rather than 45.


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