Wrestling practice, 1 1/2 weeks ago:

I *got* to drill with this 150 pound, 40 year old BEAST. He was a 1 or 2 time National champion in college, (can't recall his name, only that he's a maniac and friggen strong) Anyways, after practice I noticed that i had a REAL hard time bending over. I was worried this would put me out of n for John Smith's Camp in OSU that I was going to, but luckily with enough Ibuprofen and a muscle relaxant here and there I was able to wrestle just fine and drill. Now that I'm back though, I've noticed the pain has spread.

In the beginning I only felt it under my right shoulder blade, meaning it was very hard to bend over to the left. If you stand up and bend your back over to the left or right you can feel the muscle stretching (don't bend your hips or knees, just back.) I also noticed you can stretch the muscle if you sit down with your legs like a V on the floor and bend to the left or right a certain way. Anyways, I had to get out of chairs leaning to the right. I iced it for the first couple days but once I started wrestling in camp it felt ok; I still knew it was there, it just didn't hurt nearly as bad.

So now that I'm back I don't plan on lifting for another couple of days to completly heal the rest of my body. I'm still a little worried about my back though; I experience only a minor pain when bending over, but it hurts to run or lift anything heavy.

This far after the injury should I continue icing it or add heat? Should I keep taking ibuprofen?