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Thread: My Program

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    My Program

    Hey guys...

    I was wondering if a few of you could help me with a program I'm writing.
    I have some severe past injuries which prevent me from doing any leg work (vertebrae problems in the back - currentally being treated with chiropractic, but I can't do anything like squats or lunges) and a remaining injury in my calf muscles when I tore both of them and did some other deep muscle and tissue damage (curse rowing)


    Here is my current routine, can you guys give me a hand or any particular suggestions with it?


    Flat Bench - 3x8
    Incline DB Press - 3x8
    Chinups - 2x8 (w/ added weight)
    Shrugs - 1x10
    Barbell Curles - 3x8
    Hammer Curls 2x8


    Military Press - 3x8
    Dumbell Fly - 3x8
    Tricep Extension - 3x8
    French Press - 2x8
    Seated Row - 3x8

    As you can see, I need some serious help with this program, having to re-write it totally because I had to remove my leg day - which was my main day. So can you guys please please please give me some help filling it in with better upper body stuff.

    Heres the story anyway though - I can't bulk at the moment, due to some modelling restrictions - pissing me off to no end... but at my age I really need the money. I can eat alot, but I can't afford to put on alot more muscle fat. so basicaly im having to put on lean muscle

    ANY help is very very very very much appprectiated


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    I'll give you a blunt response.

    For working out if you can not squat or use calves do leg extensions.
    Keep a normal leg/push./pull split
    Work your midsection
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    Try WBB1.

    There are tons of good routines documented out there. Read them, and modify to your needs.


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