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Thread: Push/pull confusion

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    Push/pull confusion

    So I infered that the reference to push/pull days meant back/chest days. Am I wrong? I kind of realized that most (or all) push motions are chest, triceps, and quads, while pulls motions are back, biceps and hams (forearms, pull; calves, push). Is there anything else to this? Because I thought shoulder would be a push, but upright rows are considered pull right? Can someone calrify a little onto this?

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    the simple answer is to just do exercises that resemble pushes....on pull days to pull like things...legs are separate.
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    Push- chest, tri, shoulders, legs (squats, bench press, military press, shoulder press)
    Pull- back, bi, hams, legs (deadlifts, pullups, chinups, curls)

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    Yes, upright rows work both your traps and delts (back and shoulders) while at the same time being a pull motion. Your are right shoulders are typically worked in a push motion (militarys, OH press, bench etc.) I like upright rows while it seems a lot of people here don't like them because of potential rotator cuff problems. Although I'm not sure how they would fit in a strict push/pull split, if it were me I'd probably widen my grip to emphasize the traps and do them on pull day.


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