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Thread: HITT / Elipitical and my Calves

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    HITT / Elipitical and my Calves

    So I did a 15 minute HITT session 2 days ago, with about 8 full out 30 second sprints. This was nothing really out of the ordinary, except for the fact that I was on the balls of my feet on the eliptical. For the past two days my calves have ached like they have NEVER ached before. I am just startled to how sore they are, and In a way kinda glad because I never have been able to really hit them hard. My calves are alreay disportionatly big for my frame, so im wondering if somehow this had an affect? Has anyone else had this soreness where its almost intolerable to do a calf strecth with out wincing and almost coming to tears . I mean, I think it kinda cool just how sore I am, but it was very unexpected.

    ps.. my diet and hydration are all in check.

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    you're just going through a case of DOMS

    before you ask DOMS = D.elayed O.nset M.uscle. S.oreness
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    I too have pretty large calves and I actually find that some more endurance-oriented exercises will really get my calves sore as f*ck. Even just running a regular 2.5 mile run makes my calves really sore for a couple days. Give me some big weight and I'll move it with the calves but ask me to move my bodyweight a couple hundred or thousand times and I'll be sore for a few days. Are your calves like this in general? Or are they "durable"?


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