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Thread: Pre-exhaust exercises

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    Pre-exhaust exercises

    Just so I'm sure I understand this, do pre-exhaustion exercises make it so when you do compound exercises later in your workout other muscles won't be fatigued and the muscle you're specifically working that day gets the most work done to it?

    So like if you're working shoulders, you would start your workout with side lateral db raises (because they really focus on the shoulder heads), and then later in your workout you'd do something like militay presses (because the involve tricep and other muscles)?

    Does anyone do pre-exhaust exercises in their workouts? and is it something you do every time you work that muscle group or more something you add to your routine every once in a while to keep variation in your workout?

    p.s. sorry if I sound noob-ish I'm just trying to clarify and learn what exactly they do or any benefits they have so I can maybe incorporate them into my workouts.
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