Ok, so some know that my back rebelled against me after i got sloppy with deadlifts. It turns out its a herniated disc. I was given some meds and exercises to do to make it better. Only a few of them actually targeted my region. I didnt realize but with a herniated disc your hammies, calves and lower back immediately become the most difficult things to work with. I used to be flexible and now I'm not at all. I added some exercises to loosen it up and it helps to a degree but I'm about to start a job that will be 50-60 hours a week if all goes well and I'll need my body back to 100%. So what other physical therapy exercises can I do besides the ones I list to stretch out the muscle I need to. My muscles are currently tight against my disc in my lumbar region. and everything is very not flexible.

Here are what I do now:
- Lying on my back and pulling my knees to my chest.
- Lying on my back with one leg bent at the knee the other leg straight and lift it and pull the straight leg back
- I put my leg up on the stairwell railing and stretch the hammys then the hammys and calves
- I stand on one of my pushup bars and stretch each calf.
- Sit and put both legs straight out and try to push myself forward.
- Stand at the bottom of my stairs and slowly lean forward and walk my hands down each stair keeping my legs straight and together.

The last 2 are the hard and hurt the most because it twitches the muscles really back but they are the key I think.

Any other ideas or exercises