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Thread: Help with benching

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    Help with benching


    The gist of it is what the title says: I suck at benching.

    I can usually use the chest press to the top notch at the gym, however I barely lift anything when benching.

    I admit that I do have an old shoulder injury that had surgery on about 4 years ago, but it is healed now and I have no excuse.

    I weigh in at 80-85kgs and can only just bench about 6 * 65kgs. That is only about 3/4 of my body weight. People I know are becnhing their own body weight (the serious lifters are doing WAY over that.)

    Has anybody got any relevant tips for me? I want to be able to bench at least 90kgs for my own sake as my sports coach wants minimum lift of 1* 90kgs to make the team.

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