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    Steve's Lean Mass Journal

    Pictures at the bottom

    Hey how are you guys doing. I used to have a steady journal i used to post on but i stopped doing that a while ago. I feel that keeping a journal helps a lot in mainting focus and also maintaing gains in bodybuilding. Sometimes you get caught up in lots of things in life and lose sight of some of the more important things in life like bodybuilding, so im hoping that this journal will keep me inspired and motivated with my gains and goals. It would be enjoyable to look over all my workouts and nutrition and be able to analyze everything i did right and wrong. In this journal i am goig to be posting my diet for everything, all of my workouts, upcoming goals, gains, injuries and important things in my life.

    This is how im looking right now

    Lifting History- Been lifting for 2 years Seriously

    BF%-Probably around 16-19% Mostly Gut
    Currently Clean Bulking- Goal gain .5-1 pound a week of lean mass
    Was at 205 but i lost a good 15-20 pounds my last cut

    Lifts- Bench 165x10/200x1
    Squat- 145x20-Bad back strenghing that slowely

    Measurments- Will be posted soon

    Goals- Bulk up to 200 in 4 months/4 pounds a month-Lean mass\
    Gain some good mass on my body.. Especially arms and chest...

    Cardio-3x a week... eather boxing sessions or HITT Training


    Starting off at eating 2800 calories a day/ will lower or higher based on weight gain/loss

    1-1/5 protein per bodyweight/Day

    Fat- Going to try to eat only the healthy Essential Fatty Acids- Natty PB, Nuts you know..

    Carbs- Morning/after workout slow digesting carbs low in glycose.... not goign to eat carbs a few hours before bed... i find i gain a lot of fat like that

    Sample diet

    10:00- 2 eggs, 2 wheat bread, Milk, Protein 23 Grams Whey

    12:30- Cottage Cheese, jelly

    3:00- Post workout/ Protein WHey- 30 Grams

    3:30- Brown Rice or pasta

    6:00 Dinner- Some type of meat/ Pease or corn/ Milk

    8:00 Nuts or peanut butter sandwhich/ protein bar something small like the low in carbs

    Supplements- Glutamine and creatine 5 g daily
    -Nitris Explosion- Helps me wake up and get pumped up cuz lately ive been feeling like **** with no energy realy gets me up and going- 100 g of cafine

    Sleep and rest- Going to get to bed on time everynight at a reasonable time and not stay out to late.... no drinking alchole or nething im going to be clean. I want to get atleast 8 hours of sleep every night.

    Hows that look any suggestions or tips..

    Routine for bulking- Main phocus Getting stronger and bigger !

    ( Cant decide to work body parts 1x or 2x a week, ive always learned from this site that you should only train each body part 1x a week.. because you grow when you rest but a lot of my friends that are big do it twice a week... Can anyone help me out.. but heres my routine for 1x a week!

    Monday- Chest/ 10-12 sets
    Wednday-Back/Shoulders- 8 sets per bodypart
    Friday-Biceps-Triceps/ 8 sets per bodypart
    Sun- Legs 10-15 sets

    I was thinking of keeping my rep range from 6-8 for the big exercises like bench/squats.. no deads back is dead going to work up though.....

    Any for supplemental exercised around 8-12 reps

    Im not sure if i should go to failure on every set or to come within 1 or 2 of failure?? any suggestions for strengh and mass gains??

    So how does it look im open for any suggestiong, i would greatly appreciate them im looking forward to developing great habits and im looking forward to seeing some excellent gains. Hope you guys could help me out and get me started... thanx, Steve
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