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Thread: Knot in my palm.

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    Knot in my palm.

    This sounds very similar to a prior thread I posted, but trust me, it's a completely different problem.

    My first week of lifting brought with it many surprises. The biggest surprise was that my grip was not nearly as strong as my shoulders. I tried to shrug 200+ lbs and found myself in a very uncomfortable situation.

    Shortly afterwards, I noticed a lump or knot in my palm. The knot is directly in line with a tendon and other finger ligaments. I assume that I tore something, but I'm not sure what or how badly. The knot is the size of pea in diameter and only appears slightly on the surface of the palm. It's tender to the touch, but doesn't cause any real pain. It's more of an annoyance.

    Well, I have an appointment to see a doctor on Wednesday, but the wife is telling me to just go easy for a while. The problem is, I don't want to ease up...I feel like I'm just getting started. Bottom line, has anyone ever experienced this before and were you able to work through it, or did you have to rest it for a while? I hate to think that I'm going to spend money on a doctor, only to have him tell me to stop lifting for a while. I'm really big into shrugs, and this is killing me to think that every time I shrug I may be making it worse.

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    I had a similar problem - a small painless knot/lump about an inch below my ring finger. It didn't affect my training in anyway, so I continued as usual. It eventually went away on its own, although I would like to know what caused it.
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    I'm willing to bet small amounts of money that both of these problems from these threads are cysts from hand placement doing BB lifts... I had the same problem multiple times. Once I figured out what works for me - taking a narrower grip for BB work - has led to the problem never resurfacing.

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    I've blown blood vessels in my wrist and forearms lifting too heavy. Hurts like hell and makes a knot.

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    Explain this then...
    I was almost going to post a thread about a very painful knot in the ARCH of my foot.
    It went away magically, but for 4 days it was debilitating.
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