Without getting into who has said what and offended whom, I thought I would offer my $0.02 about posting protocols etc.

Everything we say can be broken down into facts, opinions, and value judgements.

A fact is just that, a fact. If people wish to state facts in a passionate or forceful way then there is nothing wrong with that.

An opinion is an individual interpretation or inference based on facts. We will never agree on opinions but there is nothing wrong with stating them so long as we do not pass them off as facts.

Value judgements are where in addition to forming an opinion, we start placing judgements on other people. These are completely unnecessary and do not add to the needs of the many.

I am a relative newcomer and really like the forum so I would hate to see it deteriorate (like so many other have). Thus, all I would recommend is before you hit submit, scan your post for personal value judgements and just remove them (regardless of how much you think attacking the opponent is going to help you attack their argument)