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Thread: Westside Training ?

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    Westside Training ?

    I have been doing a lot of re-search about getting stronger and westside training seems to be amonst the most popular training program.

    I have a question about westside....

    i have a very bad back and cant deadliftt anymore from an injury that occured a few years ago. what do u think i could do instead of deadlift on squat deadlift day??? my back has no pain in the lower part its just very stiff and gets extremly sore after i work it, even when i go jogging it gets sore. So could someone help me out with what i should do instead of deadlift??

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    Good Mornings are a great ME exercise. Make sure to get some work in on the Rev Hyper if you have access to it or use a regualr hyper if you don't. Try doing pullthroughs. Make sure to stretch your back before and after your workout.

    Are you having a problem with speed deads?

    You should go to and post a question to Tom Deeble. Make sure to detail your back injury, he may be able to give you some help with correcting your back and lifting pain free.

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    thanx a lot for the info bro!

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    Find out what is wrong with your back.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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