I don't know how many of you train early in the mornings...so here's my schedule.

Wake up@5:15am
Eat a protein bar, fruit and bottle of water on the way to the gym
Gym from 7-8:30
work 9-5

It's hard enough as it is to have alot of strength so early but when I get to the gym it somehow hits me...even if I have to mentally force it.

So today I hit the gym and hammer out:
Heavy flat DB bench presses (4x 10,8,7,6)
Heavy inc DB presses (same as above)
Flat flyes (12,10,10,10)

Then it was triceps time - I transitioned into 3 sets of close grip benches.

NOW - I was dead tired by this point - and still had triceps to train...and time was running out. So I struggled through the close grip benches with less weight than normal.

Then I did 4 sets of pushdowns but I was physically drained. (less weight than usual)
Forced 3 sets of reverse grip single-arm extensions. (less weight than usual)

I felt like I had a crap triceps workout so I said Id do some tricep dips - managed 3 before my arms gave out.

Anyone else have trouble finding energy for their 2ndf bodypart when lifting heavy?