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Thread: Split routine - not enough energy to work 2nd bodypart hard?

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    Split routine - not enough energy to work 2nd bodypart hard?

    I don't know how many of you train early in the here's my schedule.

    Wake up@5:15am
    Eat a protein bar, fruit and bottle of water on the way to the gym
    Gym from 7-8:30
    work 9-5

    It's hard enough as it is to have alot of strength so early but when I get to the gym it somehow hits me...even if I have to mentally force it.

    So today I hit the gym and hammer out:
    Heavy flat DB bench presses (4x 10,8,7,6)
    Heavy inc DB presses (same as above)
    Flat flyes (12,10,10,10)

    Then it was triceps time - I transitioned into 3 sets of close grip benches.

    NOW - I was dead tired by this point - and still had triceps to train...and time was running out. So I struggled through the close grip benches with less weight than normal.

    Then I did 4 sets of pushdowns but I was physically drained. (less weight than usual)
    Forced 3 sets of reverse grip single-arm extensions. (less weight than usual)

    I felt like I had a crap triceps workout so I said Id do some tricep dips - managed 3 before my arms gave out.

    Anyone else have trouble finding energy for their 2ndf bodypart when lifting heavy?

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    Either your diets lacking or maybe youre not getting enough sleep. Why dont you go a couple hours after work when you've had some rest.

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    You realize you did 22 sets, overtraining, hence hence. You could just take out all ur tri workout, and replace it with Dips(either side or front, not tris) and ud be a happy camper. Or not.

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    After work is way too late and I am drained from work.

    Lack of sleep may be a factor.

    Current split is:

    Mon: Abs + Cardio
    Tue: Chest + Tris
    Wed: came as Mon
    Thu: Back + Bis
    Fri: Same as Mon
    Sat: Shoulders + Legs
    Sun: off

    I may try to do 1 body part per day followed by cardio - think it may work better.

    Ex: Mon: Chest + cardio
    Tue: Tris + cardio

    Fat loss is a major strongpoint for me now so....maybe this will work

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    That's a metric assload of volume for pressing movements. I doubt the triceps would need more than 1-3 direct sets of work after all that.

    Then again, I wouldn't do that much for my chest over the span of four full-body workouts in a week, either.
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    Agreed. Some people may be able to gain on such a rediculous routine. Apparently you are not one of them. Cut your workload in half or less and eat more.
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    Besides the sheer amount of sets, you're also spending 1.5 hours in the gym. I find it difficult to keep up my intensity for that long and try to keep workouts under an hour.

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    You might try using the split recommended by wbb1. When I switched, I was able to lift more with shoulders, biceps, and triceps since they werent already beat up from the heavier lifting. Fewer sets would also probably work.

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    Great points. 20 sets should generally be way more than enough for any given training session.

    If I were you, I would have called it a day after the CGBP (which is probably one of, if not the, best tricep exercise anyway).

    I don't know what your training history, numbers, etc. are like, but unless you are pretty advanced, you can probably make decent gains off an abbreviated program of 1 or 2 exercises/bodypart.

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    Adjust your volume and increase your work capacity.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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