Hello all,

New to posting on the forums, but I've tried to do my homework as best as I could for the time. So, forgive me if I am ignorant in some areas of this posting.

I'm at the point in my life where I'm tired of looking and feeling the way I have been since I've been out of the military. Currently, I'm 32 years old and stand at a proud 5' 7" in height. My body type from what I can tell is that of the endomorphic type. Although, I'm roughly about 237 pounds. For the workplace, I sit behind a computer most of the day.

When I was about 15, I started weightlifting and continued for the next couple of years. I didn't watch what I ate, just ate. I gained muscle and was heading in the right direction, but slowly, I started to lose sight of weightlifting.

About 1990 is when the weight started to creep up on me. All throughout the 90's, short of the military, I have been overweight to some degree. During the military, I could eat almost anything I wanted and hover at about 175 pounds. My military MOS (63E), a tank mechanic, was physically demanding, not to mention on top of PT. After the military, the weight gained and the physically activity dropped.

Although I would love to start running again, I'm EXTREMELY worried that I'll have to do a lot of cardio workouts to see any fat loss. The weightlifting portion I know will come easy, I plan to use compound movements to my advantage.

Another thing that worries me, which brings me to this section (if you're still awake to read this) is the dieting. I know my success will depend not only on my discipline, but my eating.

I thought it best to go with some kind of organized eating plan, so I decided to start with a 40-40-20 type eating regiment with room to tweak. I've found it pretty hard to come up with recipes to allow for such a diet that I'm looking for, if it's even possible. I loathe cooking, so it limits my options. The numbers I've been juggling if I had the math down correctly is as follows:

Goal weight: 200
Calories per day: 2100
6 meals a day
Calories per meal: Approx. 350
Protein and Carbs per meal: 35 grams
Fats per meal: 8 grams

I'm completely open to suggestions. My only last two concerns about the regiment, is getting hungry at some point and taking "convenient" food to work. Hopefully that sums it up pretty good and that I didn't leave anything out.

I'm glad to get this moving in the right direction and finally having a reason to post on the forums. Thank you all in advance for any advice and time spent in helping me out. I appreciate it.