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Thread: The Transformation

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    The Transformation

    Hello all,

    New to posting on the forums, but I've tried to do my homework as best as I could for the time. So, forgive me if I am ignorant in some areas of this posting.

    I'm at the point in my life where I'm tired of looking and feeling the way I have been since I've been out of the military. Currently, I'm 32 years old and stand at a proud 5' 7" in height. My body type from what I can tell is that of the endomorphic type. Although, I'm roughly about 237 pounds. For the workplace, I sit behind a computer most of the day.

    When I was about 15, I started weightlifting and continued for the next couple of years. I didn't watch what I ate, just ate. I gained muscle and was heading in the right direction, but slowly, I started to lose sight of weightlifting.

    About 1990 is when the weight started to creep up on me. All throughout the 90's, short of the military, I have been overweight to some degree. During the military, I could eat almost anything I wanted and hover at about 175 pounds. My military MOS (63E), a tank mechanic, was physically demanding, not to mention on top of PT. After the military, the weight gained and the physically activity dropped.

    Although I would love to start running again, I'm EXTREMELY worried that I'll have to do a lot of cardio workouts to see any fat loss. The weightlifting portion I know will come easy, I plan to use compound movements to my advantage.

    Another thing that worries me, which brings me to this section (if you're still awake to read this) is the dieting. I know my success will depend not only on my discipline, but my eating.

    I thought it best to go with some kind of organized eating plan, so I decided to start with a 40-40-20 type eating regiment with room to tweak. I've found it pretty hard to come up with recipes to allow for such a diet that I'm looking for, if it's even possible. I loathe cooking, so it limits my options. The numbers I've been juggling if I had the math down correctly is as follows:

    Goal weight: 200
    Calories per day: 2100
    6 meals a day
    Calories per meal: Approx. 350
    Protein and Carbs per meal: 35 grams
    Fats per meal: 8 grams

    I'm completely open to suggestions. My only last two concerns about the regiment, is getting hungry at some point and taking "convenient" food to work. Hopefully that sums it up pretty good and that I didn't leave anything out.

    I'm glad to get this moving in the right direction and finally having a reason to post on the forums. Thank you all in advance for any advice and time spent in helping me out. I appreciate it.
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    There are lots of options that are convienent, canned tuna, Natty PB sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, protein shakes...
    Do a LOT of reading/lurking, and you will find the answer to almost any other questions that come up.

    Good Luck to you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagenstein
    I'm glad to get this moving in the right direction and finally having a reason to post on the forums. Thank you all in advance for any advice and time spent in helping me out. I appreciate it.

    The best advice I can give you is to be realistic with yourself, there is "convenient" food that is healthy and will move you closer to your goals, but you have to be straight with yourself and actually eat what you're supposed to eat, not think about what you should be eating, and then getting mad at yourself after you screw up. (which I do on a regular basis)

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    I do that all the time .
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    When I was being strict with my diet i had best results when i ate the same things almost every day. After a while i would change it up, sub a sweet potato for oats, or something along those lines. Regardless the key for me was that i did it every day and stuck with it long enough to see rresults. I will admit, it was a pain in the ass at first, but after i had my portions sorted, food cooked, etc., it became habit. I would get home after work, cook some food for dinner and for the following day (so i didnt have to worry about what i was going to eat in the morning).

    My protein sources, that i found convenient: chicken (gorge forman grill kicked ass for this), tuna, steaks.

    Convenient carb sources: sweet potatos, oats, ww pasta, multigrain bread

    Convenient fat choices: walnut oil (add a bit to a can of tuna = yummy), olive oil, nuts.

    Good luck man!
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    Hey - good for you for getting here and making this decision!

    I've been overweight myself, and now that I'm not, lemme tell you, THIS is WAAAAY better! At 42, I'm in the best shape of my life, and I'm still improving!

    So, to address a few of the points you've brought up:

    You can NOT cardio off the weight.

    You drop calories to drop weight.

    You lift heavy to protect your muscle mass while you do this, in essence, to "convince" your body that it actually NEEDS to keep this metabolically expensive muscle it would much rather just cast off.

    You do cardio to create a bit of a caloric deficit so you don't have to drop calories QUITE so much. Cardio doesn’t create much of a deficit on its own. I probably average about 30 minutes of moderate cardio daily, and this, I figure, lets me eat about an extra 150 calories or so daily while I cut. Not that big of a deal, but hey, it's an extra chicken breast - I'll take it.

    Now, the diet.

    I think your calories may be too low. The usual recommendation you'll often see is to establish your maintenance calories by tracking on for a few days or a week, then drop those calories by 10-15% to begin your cut.

    For a man maintaining on 3000 cals a day, for instance, he would drop by 300-500 calories. For me, maintaining on 2300, I started my cut on 2000 calories a day.

    The other thing is the idea of dietary ratios. They are meaningless.

    Set your protein at 1.0-1.5g/lb (use your goal weight if you're significantly overfat)

    Fats at about 0.5g/lb (again, use goal weight for this)

    Make up the rest of your calories from whatever combination of protein, carb and fat that suits you.

    I like my fats on the high side because I find them good for appetite control. You'll have to find your own balance.


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