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Thread: A Question about bodybuilding COMPetitions

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    A Question about bodybuilding COMPetitions

    Hey im 17 and i want to start entering body building competitions. Iv been watching muscleMania for a while and they have so many levels..Can u guys give me some good advice..
    and just tell me what i should be learning besides my body...
    what aspects they look for and just general info on body building comps..
    Thank you guys

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    Your going to have to learn how to pose. My want to check out Arnolds latest book, he has a big section on posing.

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    Yeah, posing.. go see another competition before you do yours. In a bodybuilding show they look for symmetry/proportion/size/ripness... and how you present helps (posing). Also it helps to screams when you pose, scream high when you arms are high then lower your voice to a deep moan when doing a lower pose such as most muscular, judges dig that.
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    Ok Arnold. Ken, Sinep was not serious, just in case you didn't know that.


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