Hi guys, I've been reading the forums here for about a month now and it has completely inspired me to better my body. This is my first post so I figured I would give you guys some background information on me. I've been lifting off and on since my sophmore year of highschool probably. I have never even thought about what I was eating when I ate it so as you can imagine, I was never cut like I wanted to be. Now I'm 19 years old standing 5'11" weighing in at 167lbs, I've decided I'm ready to start eating right and training properly to get my body as cut as possible. I haven't picked up a set of weights since my senior year of highschool until last week. Right now I attend college full-time and work part-time as a waitor so finding time to workout is hard. I usually work about 3-4 days a week and when I'm there, I'm on my feet for the whole 5-8 hours of the shift, usually speed walking. I think that's actually a fair source of cardio to help my cut. You can only imagine how hard it is sticking to a diet while working at a resturant but I've been going good for this first week. My diet consists of all sugar-free, low carb, and protein loaded foods. I haven't actually made a meal plan or anything yet but I eat the right foods. The only things I drink are water, diet iced-tea, and 1% milk. I drink protein shakes after every workout and usually when I get home from work. My main goal here is to shed bodyfat and bring out the definintion of my abs while still having the rest of the body in proportion with it.

So far my workout is basically a 3 day cycle.

Day 1: Weighted crunches using a 35lb. dumbell, 3 sets of 15 reps. Leg raises, 3 sets of 15 reps. Hanging knee raises, 3 sets of as many as I can do.

Day 2: Dumbell press on a swiss ball, 3 sets of 20. Dumbell curls, 3 sets of 20.

Day 3: 30 minutes of jogging, usually on the treadmill but it broke yesterday so I'm outside from now on.

After day 3, it all just repeats. I don't feel I need a rest day considering my workouts aren't that intense at all. I also forgot to mention that I live in a 1 bedroom garage apartment and the closest gym is 15 miles away so my equipment is limited. As of now, I have a floor, a swiss ball, a custom pull up bar, 2 35lb. dumbells, a broken treadmill, and a weight bench with no bar or weight. I plan on investing in a 300lb. olympic bench set very soon to throw in the garage.

Like I said, my goal is to lose bodyfat and bring out muscle definition overall, but I want that 6 pack ASAP . I'm open to all comments and suggestions regarding my routine. I was also wondering if anyone could give me and estimate of my bodyfat? I've never been measured at all so just a shot in the dark estimate is better than nothing right now.

Finally, here are the pics of week 1 cutting... let me know what you think.

P.S.: I'm not very good with pictures and I only cut the face out due to the odd faces that come along with my poses.