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Thread: Question about losing body fat while maintaining/gaining muscle

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    Question about losing body fat while maintaining/gaining muscle

    Heres the 6'2 185 pounds. 1.5 years ago i was a scrawny 135. I bulked up and busted my ass in the gym to get here. My body fat percentage is now a little higher than i want. I would like to lose 5-8%. I dont want to lose much weight, i would like to ideally stay in the 180s. What should my caloric intake be? Im dropping it to 2200 right now, and about 40-45% of my foods are protein. Everything else is low fat and carbs. I will also do 3-4 days of moderate cardio. Is there any way i can lose the body fat, but in return gain some muscle to offset the loss? Basically i would ideally love to be 185, but with 5-8% less body fat

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    post up your diet!

    healthy fats are important in your diet
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    Well, heres what i ate yesterday for example...keep in mind i started this new healthy diet about 3 days ago, the last year and a half have been sort of a bulking phase with some fatty foods here and there

    - 5 scoops of whey protein at different times throughout the day

    - Myoplex shake at 2 different times of the day

    - Tuna on wheat bread meal

    - Turkey on wheat bread meal

    - Oatmeal

    - Some almonds

    - 1 protein bar

    I know thats a lot of protein, id like to rotate some pasta, salmon, potatoes, brown rice, and things like that in place of the standard meals. I think i calculated:

    228 grams of protein, 40 grams of fat (almonds are good fats correct? Should i even count them?), 162 grams of carbs.

    How many grams of fat should i be consuming? Is 30-45 way too low?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Built
    Yep, you need your fats.

    What are your maintenance calories?
    My maintenance level is usually around 2500-2800 calories....can someone consume the same amount but with healthier foods, and see body fat % drop?

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