hi, im 24 years old, been lifting with low reps, heavy wieght training each muscle once a week. ive been lifting this way for about 3.5 - 4 years. right now im benching 310.

for the last week ive been getting interested in powerlifting. ive been reading up as much as i can in this forum, checking out all the websites that you guys have been saying have good info and have been learning alot of stuff!!!!!

the main reason for the switch from what i have been doing to a more powerlifting type is because i want to be as strong as an ox. however, i have a couple questions. i did check out the 9 week start up powerlifting program on the efs website and plan to start out with that.

here are my newbie questions.

right now im 5 '11' 230 pds, i want a lot of strength (wich is why im switching to powerlifting), but am i going to lose any of my size that ive worked hard to get? honest answer please.

what kind of diet do powerlifters eat. im guessing they just eat anything they can find, but that is a newbie guess. right now i do a high protien (350 g a day) diet. how is this going to change?

i see that there is no direct bicep work, since it is not needed in bench, dead, squat. did any of you find your biceps getting smaller as you switch to powerlifter program.

thats all for now. please help me out if you can, i appreciate all the help i can get.