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Thread: Forgetfulness or serendipity?

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    Forgetfulness or serendipity?

    I was in a hurry today leaving for work and forgot to grab my protein shake and my meals for the day. Around 10am I started getting really hungry and at 10:30am I was thinking about which co-workers I could make a satisfactory meal out of.

    I'm currently cutting so I was thinking of getting some blackened salmon or something for lunch (7 buck for a 3oz piece of salmon anyone?) until everyone here decided to order hoagies. Of course, the day I forget my food at home, they decide to order out. So now I'm sitting here eating a greasy bun full of greasy meat (got extra meat) and onions with extra cheese...

    And I couldn't be happier...

    Just thought I'd share.
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    Every once and awhile I forget to bring in more bread or peanut butter for my lunch, so I'll end up taking a trip to the Global Market near my work. There is this awesome place called Safari... Super salty, flavorful, spicy, and just the right amount of fatty east african cuisine:

    **** this is making me hungry.

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    That's making me hungry for some fatty foods too. Maybe Mongolian BBQ tonight...

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    I'm always happy when I get to goto CiCi's Pizza for someone's birthday and just pig out until I can't eat anymore. Last time I ate an entire buffalo chicken pizza, but of course that wasn't the end, not when there's apple pie pizza to be had, heh. I love the fact that I can do that now and it makes absolutely no difference in my weight...

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