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Thread: To cut or not to cut?

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    To cut or not to cut?

    I don't know whether to cut or not. I'd really like to, as my bodyfat is higher than it has been for years. (18-22%?) However, at 5'7 and 117pounds, I suppose I could try to build up some muscle first so when I cut I dont wind up with too low of bodyweight. sorry if this question annoys anyone, but the bf% is *really* bugging me on a daily basis, especially my newfound need to buy need clothes. What to do?

    a. drop cals below maintenance, cut the bf% then lean bulk
    b. add 250 cals over maintenance, train hard, eat clean
    c. keep cals at maintenance, train, eat clean, see what happens (gain muscle and lose bf% at same time? maybe? if im really lucky? )
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