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Thread: Bench Shirts

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    Bench Shirts

    i know that bench shirts if used properly could extremly improve your bench press. But my question is how does it improve your bench so much, like how does it work???

    And is it realy hard to learn how to use one because i know some poeple have trouble using them??

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    There have been a lot of threads about this and most of them were closed because the anti-equipment bandwagon came in and wanted to endlessly rehash the Raw vs. Equipped debate... A search would turn up a lot probably.

    Most bench shirts are made of denim or polyester and are very tight through the chest and shoulders, essentially pulling your arms together in front of you. As you lower the weight, the material stretches adding support and spring from the chest.

    More "advanced" shirts give you more weight off the chest and it's pretty hard to make the shirt touch. Also, shirts have a "groove" (the path of MOST resistance i.e. the sweet spot i.e. the area where the shirt will help you the most) - for some people, this is different than where they normally lower the bar to and it can be tough to get used to.

    A big part of learning shirts is making sure that your top-end strength (the lock-out) is up to par (in other words, as strong as possible). If you train raw all the time and don't do lock-out work (bands, chains, board press, floor press, etc.), you are going to have a harder time when you start using a decent shirt.


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