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Thread: shoulder injury

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    shoulder injury

    last night i was doing rows, 120 on each side which was really pushing my limits but i successfully did my 3x12; by the last few reps on the third set my left (weaker) shoulder felt like it was either being pulled out of joint or being separated. it didnt really hurt so i kept going but today it hurts like a mofo. its right on the back of my shoulder, did i just pull it too hard or is this something more specific?

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    no real way for us to be able to tell. just rest it and hope that the soreness goes away. if not, you better go check with your doctor.

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    you have probably torn the rotator cuff to some extent. Rest and see a doctor.

    NB: this problem doesn't go away overnight so dont jump straight back into heavy weights without strengthening the tendons first. People always seem to do this, myself included, and end up with an extended injury time.

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    I had sort of the same thing happen about three or four weeks ago. I was doing the military press with more weight than I should have started with and my right shoulder started hurting. I iced it as soon as I got home and for about the next few days. Then the weekend after that I played pool, and it started hurting again. So then I iced it for a few days again. That was about three weeks ago. I had finals so I just let it rest since then because I was pretty busy anyway. So i went into the gym last night for the first time in about a month to do the chest/back portion of the wwb routine. I was pretty weak but their wasn't any pain. Today I have some good soreness in my chest but my shoulder is fine. I am just going to go slow for about a week or two until my strength comes back, I really really don't want to go overboard and re-injure myself, because it really sucks to be making progress then have to stop and slip back. So I guess I would suggest icing it for several times a day for about a week, take some anti inflammatory drugs like tylenol or something, and just rest it. What would be bad is to rush back into things and make it even worse. Best of luck, I hope you feel better soon bud.

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    codei and his shoulder injury

    well, what you should have done was ice it - the first 24 hrs you should use ice. you should be using an anti-inflammatory as well, ibuprofen,naproxin,etc. and you should not be using your shoulder at all. you should have stopped when you felt that initial twinge when you were lifting.
    as for what to do now - i'd definitley have it looked at to make sure you didn't mess yerself up.....but, you know, what do i know, i'm just a paramedic...right?
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