Fitday for yesterday was only 2519
Today isn't looking much better.
Should I just look at the foods with the highest cals in my diet and double those? I'm trying to clean bulk, but "clean" food doesn't have that many cals it seems so i have to eat triple amounts sometimes.
I'm broke right now, or i would buy supplements to compensate...

I'm 6'0 180 right now, but carry the most weight in my mid section. In other words I am skinny cept for the brown fat in the lower stomach and sides.
I also have scoliosis (sp) of the spine (my spine is a bit crooked) and my back sways inward making it look like my stomach sticks out farther than it should if I don't concentrate on standing up straight all the time.

I'm sure the responses to this will be eat more and lift and it will all "even out", but I just want to make sure i'm getting the cals to actually grow. And 2500 isn't going to do jack for me...I would think minimum should be 3k