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Thread: Stubborn Biceps (back routine too)

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    Stubborn Biceps (back routine too)

    I have been on vacation, moving around, and other such things (I don't know if these are too blame) but my biceps curls have never increased. I'm always doing 3x8 alt. seated DB curls with 20 lbs and then 3x8 preacher curl at 55 lbs. But this week, I couldn't even do that (no lifting for two weeks?). What the hell?

    Here's my routine:
    Deadlit 3x8
    Hyperextension 2x8
    t-bar row 3x8
    cable row 2x8
    cable external rotate 3x8
    Pull ups/chin ups 3x8

    Seated alt. DB curl 3x8
    Preacher curl 3x8
    Standing BB curl 2x8

    I'm thinking of changing it too:
    Deadlit 3x8
    t-bar row 3x8
    Pull ups/chin ups 3x8
    cable external rotate 3x8

    Seated alt. DB curl 3x8
    Preacher curl 3x8 OR Standing BB curl 3x8

    Is this better? Also, what hits the back harder: chin ups or pull ups? I also want that nice line down my spine, that's why I originally had the extra sets of hyperextensions.
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