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Thread: My hand fell asleep yesterday doing calf exercises and still feels strange today

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    My hand fell asleep yesterday doing calf exercises and still feels strange today

    Yesterday I was doing the leg routine from WBB1. During my third set of calf extensions where one has the barball on their back and they are raising their calves from a platform, I noticed my hand started feeling like it had gone asleep. It wasn't the same exact feeling because sometimes when your hand falls asleep it can be much more uncomfortable than what I felt. It felt more tingly for me than anything.

    I kept doing my sets and during each one the tinglyness would get worse when the barbell was on my shoulders and then get better when I took it off.

    Well now it is the next morning and while my hand isn't as tingly as it was yesterday, it still noticably feels strange.

    Is this something to worry about? I think the bar pressed on my nerve funny, but I really have no idea what's going on.


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    Sounds like you pinched a nerve in your shoulder. I'd avoid the movement for a while and see if it gradually goes away. If it doesn't then see a doc, there's an outside chance it could be cardiovascular.


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    Tingly is not good but not entirely bad. If you begin to notice numbness (when the bar is not on your shoulders) or loss of motor control head over to an ER and get it checked out.

    Could be a one time thing; as long as it gets better over the next day or so it's probably nothing to worry about. If it happens again try re-positioning the bar on your shoulders, using a pad, using dumbells, or a different calf exercise.
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    Just go to a doctor. Better safe than sorry.
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