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    Am I overtraining? I get soreness in my chest and back, a bit in my tris and almost none in my bis. Legs and shoulders are good too....

    The thing is, on my arm day, i love the pump i get in my tris and bis, but i dont get alot soreness in my arms the day after. On the day of, after the workout, my arms are pretty stiff and I cant extend or bend em (in a good way) so I love it, but no soreness....Think im over training?

    Monday -> Chest/Back
    Flat DB Press 3x8
    Incline DB Press 3x8
    Pec Deck 3x8 (should I just do normal DB flys?)

    wide-grip pullups 3x8 (might change to bent over rows)
    Seated rows 3x8
    Sitting Pull Downs 3x8 (tried Deadlifts for first time last week)

    Wednesday -> Arms
    Weighted Dips 3x8
    Close-Grip BP 3x8
    Skull Crusher 3x8

    Chinups 3x8
    Standing BB Curls 3x8
    Preacher Curls 3x8

    Friday -> Legs/Shoulders/Traps
    Squats 3x8
    Leg Presses 3x8
    Weighted Lunges 3x8

    Arnold Press 3x8
    Lateral Raises 3x8
    Military Press 3x8

    Shurgs 3x8

    I seem to be increasing weight for chest and tris the most. legs and shoulders r good. Back is a bit more slow and same with bis. I wanna change it up cause thats what ive been doing for the last 6 months, plus the fact that I dont get sore makes me think i need to switch it up. I think that the slow growth of back/bi has some correllation??? What do you think?

    I'm thinking of doing a chest/tri, back/bi, legs/shoulders split, but the only thing turning me away is the fact that I would need a spotter, but im willing to do that if you guys suggest.

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    Soreness Has Nothing To Do With Your Progress!!!!
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    You're under training your posterior chain (especially) and legs.

    The journal / I live here.

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    You doing as much for your legs (50% of your muscle groups) than you are for your biceps (5% of your muscle groups). See the problem?
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