I'm 24 years old. 5'11" tall. 170+ lbs.

18 or so weeks ago, when I started working out again, I was at about 145 lbs. I know it's newbie muscle because I've been through it before.

I lifted hard, but didn't eat right all through high school. Partly because I wrestled year round and partly because I just didn't know better. I'm finding out that i'm not the hard gainer i thought i was, but i am naturally thin. I don't gain fat easily. (Good thing I suppose.)

My chest has always lagged behind and it still is now.

Here's my current routine. Maybe it's a little odd, but i have limited equipment and i'm somewhat injury prone. Bad knees and ankles and i've broken my foot in the same spot 4 times. Kinda makes me afraid to lift heavy with my legs, despite the benefits.

Day 1:

Standing Shoulder Press w/Dumbells | 2 x 6 - 8

Bench Press w/DB | 2 x 6 - 8

DB Sup. Curls | 2 x 6 - 8

Tricep Extension w/EZ Bar | 2 x 6 - 8

DB Hammer Curls | 1 x 6 - 8

Reverse Curls | 2 x 6 - 8

Upright Rows | 2 x 6 - 8

Wrist Curls Behind Back | 1 x 10 - 12, then immediately switch to empty bar and curl till failure, i.e., i almost drop the bar.

Total Sets: 14

Day 2: Rest

Day 3:

Squats w/Dumbells | 1 X 20, 1 x 8 - 12

Calf Raises (One leg at a time w/dumbell) | 5 x 5

Weighted Crunches (on bench w/dumbell behind head) | 3 x 8 - 12

Weighted Situps (plate on chest) | 3 x 8 - 12

(My short cardio, for lack of anything better to do)
Leg Lifts x 1
Squats w/out weight x 1
Wall Squat x 1

Sets: 13 or 16 w/cardio

Day 4: rest


Now, i'm looking for some way to improve my workout all around, but I don't have access to a whole lot of equipment. I have free weight dumbells, two EZ curl bars (but i don't do bicep curls with them, lol) and a plain flat bench. It doesn't hold a bar.

I could buy more equipment or join a gym, but the problem with that is that I'll be moving before long hopefully. I'm job-hunting and finishing up a degree. I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff and have no place to put it in a few months or sign up for a gym membership i end up not using b/c i move away.

On the positive side, I have naturally big calves, lol. Almost too big, like they belong on some sprinter's body instead of mine.