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Thread: Which exercises are acceptable in the squat rack?

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    Which exercises are acceptable in the squat rack?

    Obviously, squatting is accepted and curling is not. But what else can be done in the squat rack other than squats without looking like a moron?

    At my gym, the ceiling over the squat rack is not high enough to allow for overhead lifts of any kind. This is because there's a big assed air conditioning unit above it. I'm wondering if this was done on purpose to keep people from doing overhead lifts in the squat rack? Overhead lifts either have to be done in the power rack or from the floor. So other than overhead lifts, is there anything I can use the squat rack for other than squatting?

    I've considered doing upright rows and heavy shrugs. Are those generally accepted for the squat rack or are those usally done in the power rack or from the floor? I really don't like doing power shrugs on upper body days because my legs and lower back are usually still pretty sore.

    Then again, I guess this really doesn't matter since no one at my gym ever uses the squat rack anyways. The smith machine is the only place I've ever seen someone squat. In the last month I've been going to this gym, the only time I have ever seen someone use the squat rack was for curls. I go to a "family" oriented gym. So pretty much it's a gym for pussies.

    Regardless, I'd still like to understand the proper ettiquette.

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    at my Y we dont have a handle thing to lift up the bar to put 45's for deadlifts. So i use the squat once in a while to do deadlifts, the things got cushion on it so it makes less noice, but i still prefer to do on the floor. Push press is ok. Same thing at my gym as well, nobody uses the squat rack, i basically own it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Determination
    Which exercises are acceptable in the squat rack?
    Whatever can't be done elsewhere.

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    good mornings, shoulder press (if no one waiting to squat).
    anything heavy you have to put on you back. so even really heavy lunges are okay in there.
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