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    Protein Bar

    Today I had my first ever protein bar and I must say it was much better then I expected. I had nothing to eat on break b/c I rushed to work so I bought one. I got a Detour bar it had 330cals 9g of fat-5from sat, 0 trans, 32g of carbs and 31g of protein. Was wonderin if I made a good choice or not and if anyone had any other tasty suggestions?

    Oh and btw it was a white chooclate peanut butter caramel one if that does anything=)
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    i don't mind a bar once and awhile but i tend to realy indulge in them once i have them

    i like trioplex or something like that! lambrada's are not too bad either!
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    Detours are great. I haven't had a bar in years.
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    I some protein bars kicking around the house. Definitely something good to have when you don't have much time.
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    so many bars out there are filled with bad fats, or list the glycerin content as part of the protein content.
    Some are ok, some aren't. Best not to rely on them too much, but when traveling or if you're caught without 'real' food, they're better than nothing.

    I really like Kong bars. They migh be a bit much for smaller men, women, or anyone who's cutting, but they have oats in them and whey protein with minimal sugar content.

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    Better than a bag of chips or something, but there is usually so much crap in them and they are a fortune. Detours are probably the best tasting I've tried though, yum.

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    try making you own i do ad they taste great and cheaper than 2 pound each
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    I eat the 20g protein cliff bars once in a while if I know I can't have a meal for an extended period of time, chocolate and pb flavor, pretty good. =)
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    Oh Yeah! bars are pretty good. They taste like snickers bars to me.
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    oh god clif bars? you are brave, my sir. i like the gatorade energy bars, they arent really protein bars but they have good stuff, not too expensive, and 15g of protein and they taste awesome, like a candy bar. i had the choclate chip kind, delicious.
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    I always eat PowerBar Protein Plus bars; they have a ton of protein in them and they don't taste bad at all; actually quite good if you ask me... Plus the DV fat is 8% and sat-fat is 10%; pretty low IMO.



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