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Thread: Ab Training

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    Ab Training

    What does everyone do for their ab training? I need 3-5 exercises I can rotate, what kind of sets and reps are you using?

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    this should be moved to bodybuilding/fitness

    i do 3 sets usually of 12 reps

    weighted decline crunches
    reverse crunches
    cruches on the ball
    cable crunches
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    No it shouldn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by getfit
    this should be moved to bodybuilding/fitness
    I'm sure if he wanted responses from the bodybuilding and fitness crowd, he'd post it in that forum.

    My favorites are Ab Pulldowns, Spread Eagle Sit-Ups (w. weight), Saxon Side Bends, Side Bends

    Occasionally, I'll do Ab Wheel or Pike-Ups w. "Power Wheel" ('power wheel' image:

    I try to do one ab exercise on squat/dl day. Usually 6-10 reps for 3-5 sets. Occasionally up to 15 reps.

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    What are your goals? (That'll determine where this belongs)

    I train abs 2x a week, varying sets and reps, varying movements.
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    I break my ab training into rotational and flexion movements.

    For flexion: standing cable crunches, loaded swiss ball crunches, decline sit ups, reverse leg raises and spread eagles. I add other ones in butthese are the main ones.

    For rotation: cable chops, swiss ball russian twists, swiss ball kneeling med ball twists and core board twists.
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