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Thread: back from 2 month lazy break

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    back from 2 month lazy break

    wow....i havent been on here in a loooong time. also, i havent lifted any weights since last school year; and im hoping to start doing both again. i lifted for about two years seriously, and last year stuck to wbb1 religiously. the problem was that i lifted at my HS workout room, so this summer, i havent lifted at ALL, i feel like i lost 2 years of progress in 2 months. however, im moving into my dormroom in about a week, and my dorm is like a 2 minute walk from the college weight room, and i am hoping to hit the weights harder than i ever did. wbb worked out good for me, as i only wanted to stay after school 3 times a week, but now that i am 20 feet away from the weight room, everyday, i want to be lifting as much as i possibly can. my question is, if anyone has a decent routine of lifting everyday, or at leat 5 days a week. lifting 3 days a week and being so close to the gym seems like a waste to me. i feel like i have some SERIOUS catching up to do and want to lift as often as i can without overdoing it too much. if anyone can tell me their routine, or recommend a routine that is much more time consuming, or serious than wbb1 please let me know, im itching toi hit the weights really hard next week once i move into my dorm thank ya!!

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    read through a few journals

    what's wrong with wbb routines?
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