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    Starting over from scratch...

    Well I've decided to start a journal since I don't really have anything better to do. I lifted for about a year, then went off to college (uconn) but barely lifted up there because the gym was just really anoying not enough equipment for the amount of people, but when i came home at hte begining of may i started to lift again up until the begining of july. At that time i weighed about 155 pounds, I was benching 165 for my last set and deadlifts were 205 last set, and squat was 185 last set. At the begining of july I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, spent three weeks in the hospital and lost 25 pounds. I currently weigh 132 pounds and i'm 5'8 and 19 years old. It's amazing how quickly your body will deteriorate, i pretty much watched all the muscle i had gained vanish in the mirror from day to day. Ive been outa the hopsital for about 3-4 weeks now, and couldn't stay away from the gym heh this will be my second week back in the gym. I'm definatley attempting a bulk but its pretty hard considering diet limitations due to ulcerative colitis. I will be doing a 4 day split, Chest/tris, Bis/back, off day, shoulders, legs, off day, off day. back was yesterday and chest was teh day before that so here is what I did...I dont have a spot and last week i did all DB's so this week i used the smith machine cuz i wanted to use a bar dont make fun

    Weight assisted pull ups - 75x10x2
    lat pull downs - 55x10, 65x8, 75x6
    bent over rows - 35x10x3
    seated rows - 60x10, 75x10, 90x8

    preacher curl machine - 2 plates (dunno how much they weigh)x10x2

    Flat bench - 50x12, 60x10, 70x8
    Incline - 40x12, 50x10, 55x8
    Flies - 3x30x10
    to finsih chest i did a few sets of dips on the weight assisted machine (can't even do more than 2 dips anymore of my body weight )

    French curl - 30x10, 35x10
    Pull downs - 40x10, 50x10

    Sorry this is so long ill be surprised if anyone actually gets through it, but i guess my goals since im taking first semester off from school are to gain 20-25 pounds by the end of january...i know the weight on my sets will go up pretty quickly again so id like to be where i left off before i went into the hospital by this time as well if not higher.
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