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Thread: anyone ever find a routine

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    anyone ever find a routine

    that leaves you unable to walk/drive after leaving the gym? I'm interested in hearing about it.

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    This is the leg workout I used to do, and I found it pretty painful to drive home:
    ATF squats: 3 warmups, 265x12, 315x10, 365x2 dropped to 225x~20.
    3 sets of leg extensions.
    3 sets of SLDLs.

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    squat 3 x 5, 1 x 3, 1 x 20
    STDL 3 x 6
    high foot placement legpress 2 x 8
    seated calf raise 3 x 15
    standing calf raise 2 x 6

    It wasn't extreme or anything, beast's routine topped that. My calves were so weak while driving home that i almost got in a wreck haha. I thought i was stepping on the brakes but my foot ddin't seem like it was moving. The day after that was brutal.

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    Never found it painful to drive or walk.... but once I tried to walk the ONE FLIGHT of stairs to my gf's apt and turned aruond after two steps and took the elevator instead
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    20 rep squats

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    yeah, squats then heavy leg press, some SLDL's and then fry your calves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Clough
    20 rep squats

    20 rep death sets all that way. You're legs will act similar to those of a fat wetarded kid with cerebral palsy
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    haven't tried those yet but i'm sure someone will have to call an ambulance afterwards
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