right now im about 6-2 217lbs but with over 20% bf i have a decent amount of muscle but i still want to get bigger. but i also want to lose a lot of this fat but my problem is i dont want to lose any muscle and i want to gain more muscle at the same time. it seems like with all the food and protein i have to consume that i wont lose the fat. and if i eat less i will lose my muscle. my basic diet is something like this:
7am protein shake 1 scoop optimum 1 cup of 1%milk
10am 6inch subway turkey sandwich with cheese light mayo
and/or homemade protein bar (pb,oats,honey, whey)
12pm some type sandwich usually grilled chicken, baked chips, diet pepsi
3pm homemade protein bar or beef jerky
5.30pm dinner: steak and salad light dressing
9pm protein shake 2 scoops whey, 2cups milk, 1cup yogurt

so im basically wondering what i can do to lose the fat but keep and gain muscle?