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    Tuesday August 10, 2004
    Bicep, Back

    • Concentration Curls
      1x10x30s, 1x8x35s, 1x4/3x40s (4 with right, 3 with left)

    • Seated Hammer Curls
      1x8x30s, 1x9x30s

    • Cable Curls
      Warm Up Set, 1x10x75, 1x5x80, 1x6x80

    • Preacher Curls (Machine)
      Warm Up Set, 1x6x80, 1x5x85

    • Seated Cable Row
      1x10x120, 1x7x135, 1x4.5x140

    • Seated Row (handles)
      Warm Up Set, 1x10x115, 1x6x130

    • Vertical Pulldowns
      1x10x105, 1x5x120

    • Shrugs
      1x10x45s, 1x9x55s, 1x5x60s

    • Pull Ups
      1x8xBW, 1x3.5xBW

    3 hours wrestling training

    16 sets substance stretching, held in 1:00 to 1:50 for each.
    5 sets light stretching, held in :10 to :30 for each.

    Solid Day.

    I woke up early and brought my dog to the vet, and did some groceries with my bro. Finally, got stacked up on the meats, dairy, and fruits!

    Good reps today in my sets, unlike the past few workouts. I can now use 40's as "heavy sets" if I do these sets in the beginning of my workout. Hey, its improvement!

    I read the thread I posted about this routine after I did it, and apparently it's too many biceps. I'll try to cut back on that and higher up on the back sets for next time.

    I ****ed up the order on my sheet; this is not the order. My pattern was one exercise that focuses on biceps (EXERCISE, including all sets in it), then one that focuses on back. Ofcourse, doing this until I was done. The pullups were done at the end. I'm going to post a full routine, to get a good critique and edit it accordingly.

    I'm not posting diet anymore; it takes me way to long to jot it all down and find the calories and protein (online or in house). I am however still making sure I eat as much as I did before (and more), just now cleanly. Had lots of meat today, orange juice, some fruits, and yogurt. That's "cleaner" I suppose.

    Again, wrestling training wasn't really "cardio". Lots of mat moves, top rope moves, and others today. Not much chain wrestling and running the ropes (the 2 things that freakin kill your energy in 1 minute).

    Comments and critique welcome and appreciated!
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