Well, I think it finally happened. My whole diet is crashing around me. All summer I was doing really well. 1800-1900 cals with usual one 3000-3200 cheat day on the weekend. Plenty of protein, veggies, etc. Lost 20lbs and made great gains in alot of lifts.

I'm now two weeks into school, and feel like crap. Work was seated computer work all day, and now I must walk 3-4 miles around school in a normal day, and all the extra heat, activity must be putting a serious strain on me. By the end of the week I'm so depleted I can barely move. All my lifts feel like crap. I was having trouble walking up stairs let alone squatting or doing any sort of cardio.

So today I had a cheat day that trumped all other cheat days. I can't even remember all that I ate, but by noon I was easily pushing 5000+ calories. Hadn't had carbs all week. Stupid mistake looking back.

So I think I'll try to eat "normal" for atleast a week. Maybe 2600-2800 cals for a week or two to try to get a feel on whats going on with the new schedule. Down almost 90lbs in a year, so I've been on a nice year long cut.

Just had to get this out, because none of my friends are into any of this and just think I'm crazy doing diets and stuff. Ohh well.