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Thread: still gaining mass ?

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    still gaining mass ?

    Im a 44 years old bodybuilder from denmark , i have tried a various number of routines and diets to get up to the 200 pounds i am today.
    but i cant break the limit.

    I began to train at 33 and 150 pounds , i haven't taken steroids.

    Today my numbers are:

    Benchpress: 1 rep 130 kilos (app. 275 pounds)

    Squat 6 rep 160 kilos (app. 350 pounds)

    deadlift 8 reps 150 kilos (app. 310 pounds)

    I feel strong , and i have limited my training to twice a week following a split routine , though i need a little more rest betwen workouts after turning 40.

    Do any of you have a suggestion routine or diet to break the limit.

    Excuse for misspelling


    Here is my current routine


    Weighted Dips 5 x 5

    Incline db press 5 x 6 - 8

    Benchpress 4 x 6 - 8

    Deadlift 5 x 6 - 8

    Pulldowns / Bentover rows 5 x 6 - 8

    Barbell curl 4 x 8 - 10

    Concentration curl 3 x 8 - 10


    Legpress 6 x 4 - 10

    Squat(full range) 5 x 12

    Military 5 x 8 - 10 superset deltaraise

    Donkeyraises 5 x 10 - 12

    Though i'm a diabetic i only workout twice a week , i need a little more time to recuperation between workouts.
    I allways go strict and heavy, rest between sets is approx. 1 - 3 minutes never more them 3 minutes.

    My fat percent is around 10 in the winther and i can cut i down to 8 in the summer.

    My diet contents around 3000 calories pr. day 40% protein 30% fat 30% carbs.

    Hope you can give me some inputs
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    bump.. this got stuck in the system fo some reason..

    just bumping it to the top

    to answer your question can you tell us your routine in more detail?
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    I had almost the exact same problem... a couple of years ago I had hit 195, but could not, for whatever I tried, get over 200.

    I made a couple of small adjustments, and got over the hump.

    First, I started using a training log constantly.

    I stopped training 'instinctively' and focused on progression.

    As I got into PRs, I started eating like a maniac.

    The routine itself was pretty basic.

    In your routine, I would drop some pressing and add some pulling. perhaps drop the incline press and do both a pulldown and a row. Toss a shrug in along with your OH pressing?
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    On Monday you're doing 31 sets total. 14 sets hit triceps, 10 sets hit back, and 12 sets hit biceps. Compare that to Thursday, where you do 11 sets that hit quads. The quads and back should be getting more attention than triceps or biceps. I wouldn't add more sets for quads, I'd cut back on the direct arm work.

    I'm 42, and on my most energetic workout day I might do about half of your 31 sets. We old folks cannot recover as easily from such a heavy workload. I agree with a 2-day split with 7 days off before repeating the same work day.

    I agree with Paul that you should add some sets for back. The back and thighs are the largest parts of the body, and the proportion of sets devoted to them should reflect that.

    I'd suggest cutting down on the total number of sets done, and increase the proportion of work done for thighs and back. (Sorry to keep harping on that.) This should help you break 200 pounds.
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    I'd go back to the push/pull/leg routine


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