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    Just found this site today

    So I consider myself a fairly avid weightlifter. My bench maxed at 200 back in '01, but alas, after getting with my [ex] girlfriend of 3 years, I all but neglected strength training during the remaining years of college.

    I decided about a year and a half ago that I'd get back into shape. I spent most of that time just getting into the weight room and getting a handle on the weights. I have been lifting pretty consistently the past several months, and the past 3 weeks I've been hitting the gym 4x's a week, using a 1RM bench increasing program I found on musclemedia. I started at 165 bench; can probably bench 180 now.

    I read some posts on bulking/cutting, and realize that I'm trying to bulk and shed fat at the same time. I have to keep eating. But here are my stats right now (according to my digital bathroom scale):

    5'8", 166.8lbs, 17% (damn, I thought it was closer to 15...maybe scale is off)

    I don't have a set weight goal. I like building total body strength, core strength, and I vary it up with different compound exercises. I figure by the time I'm strong enough to lat pull 160x8, bench 225lbs, I'd be pretty set. I have pretty strong legs naturally; I don't work them much but am getting there.

    Anyhow, comment away. I have probably lost 10 lbs of fat over the past year (slowly but surely, by eating whole grain/protein/you know the drill). With a HIIT sprint workout I'm about to implement, I should be good to go.

    Webcam Pics as of 8/22/05:

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