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Thread: Chris Mason's article

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    I just read Chris article about bodybuilding myths, I definitely agree with the high reps for getting cut crap, and the whole article seems almost fine, however, I definitely dont agree with the idea that muscles doesnt have memory and that it doesnt matter how you hit your pecs, they will grow the same. I dont have any scientific evidence to prove this but, there was a guy at my gym, one big dude, but his pecs didnt look full, his program just included flats and declines, later, he spent like 3 months just doing inclines and flies, and I can tell you that his pecs looked better. When I hit a plateau, I change my routine, exercises, reps scheme, and thats the only way I can get over one of those bastards. I know I am goingo to get flamed after posting this, but thats my humble point of of view.

    "Let.....the madness ( flames)....begin!!!"

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    Your observaton doesn't necessarily contradict Chris Mason's article.

    It is possible that in flats and declines that his triceps, or front delts were fatiguing before his pecs. This might (I say might) explain why switching to fly's helped him build his pecs more.

    Also, if he spent more effort on his pecs and cut out other stuff, then more of his bodies tissue repair mechanisms were put to work on his pecs.

    I don't think you should get flamed but it does make sense that if a muscle is put through hard work in a complete range of motion that it will grow; regardless of how that range of motion is achieved.

    Different exercises vary more in what muscles they hit than in how they hit the muscles they do.

    The same can be said for different grips.
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    That's because he was a tricep or shoulder presser.

    When he added in the flys he could isolate the chest.

    What I think Chris means is that it doesn't matter how you stress the muscle (meaning a machine would be as effective as bumbells for a particular muscle, assuming the same ROM)

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    hey, you mofo - that article is nothing new, just basic information that the magazines dont cover at all. I agree with you, it did sort out all the different myths alright.

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