Hi people,
Well heres my story..

Obese at 13 -> Lost about 40 pound and was at something like 18% BF. It was a huge change for me and I was happy.

15 -> Teenage body issues kicked in, went almost annorexic. Lost all muscle, as my body went into starvation mode.

17 -> Started to lift weights. Dad has been doing it his whole life, and I have over 2000 BB mags around the house. LOL I remember watching Pumping Iron when I was 6 years old. Anyways, bulked up a little bit.

18 - 20 -> Bulked up more and more, mainly strength gains due to me not wanting to eat a lot in case I put on weight. Anyways, I did a dirty bulk at the end of this stage and while I put on some great muscle my BF gradually went up to 24%.

Current --> Went on a diet (easy for me as Ive done it many times before) and lost 20 pound in about 10 weeks. Estimated BF ATM is 14-15%. Its good enough for now, ive lost .3 of an inch off my arms so I know that a fair amount has come from muscle loss, but ive lost 3 inches around my waist and look much better all round. Time to bulk

Diet was:
Breakfast - High protein/carb cereal + milk (Cals = 350)
Lunch - 300 grams grilled chicken, with lettuce and sundried tomatos (Cals = 550)
Dinner - Usually stir frys with white rice, or lean meat with vegetables (Cals = 1000)
Total cals = Around 2000
Total protein = 190

Did half an hour of cardio 5 times a week, and trained 3 times a week (3 day split). Made strength increases in most exercises surprisingly.

I'm 6'1, start weight was 185 and I'm now 165 pounds. My maintaince cals are around 2000 at my current weight. I'm ectomorph, but for my size I think I'm quite strong, max bench 1RM is 210 pounds.

My bulking diet will consist of my cutting diet with no cardio, PLUS two large protein shakes, and a cup of cottage cheese before bed, taking the cals up to 3000 per day. Obviously I don't want to put fat back on, but a little over the next few months will be fine.

Going to have a cheat day tomorrow to celebrate, and then I'll be on the bulking diet. If anyone wants to ask any questions, or offer advice, fire away.