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Thread: stinging pain in traps when doing SLDL

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    stinging pain in traps when doing SLDL

    upper trap, left side, feels like a needle is poking me.... only occurs during SLDL's - esp during the eccentric phase
    like this, only sharper ---->
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    Don't do them for a while, or lighten the weight you are doing. You've got some sort of injury or pinched nerve type thing..

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    Pinched nerves suck.
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    little stinger there bud, feel like a bee hitting you? Do move your head forward during the lift? Try not doing that and relaxing the neck a little during the lift. I have had that not sure they ever go away completely but I don't think its serious either. Hurts don't it lol. You can always see your doc though.
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    I get that sometimes too. I don't worry about it though. Your form is probably off somewhere or you may be going too heavy. Try to lay off them for a while and then give them another shot


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