When do people do cardio on 4 day splits? I switched routines a couple weeks ago from 3 days a week (MWF) to a 4 day/week upper-lower split on M,T,Th,F. The new routine is working well, especially for strength, but I can't seem to fit in the cardio.

I used to do cardio on T and Th and planned to do cardio on Wed and Sat with this new routine. The problem is my legs are still sore on Wed from Squats on Tues. I moved Sat cardio to Sun because my running stride felt flat after Fri Deadlifts. I also discovered I would rather avoid working out on the weekend if possible.

I am curious how other people fit cardio into 4 day splits. At 33, 2 or 3 miles (6:30-7:00min/mile pace) twice a week is enough cardio for me. My goals are to increase size and strength without busting out too much of a gut.

Stats are 5'8", 175-180Lb, 285 - Squat, 315 - Bench, 330-Dead (all lifts new record in past 2 weeks)