I'm trying to help a friend sort out his lifting routine and diet. However, he's decided to follow the advice of someone else. This someone else is much leaner and stronger than I am, so it would look as though he knows what he's talking about. Here was his advice to my friend

The best time to workout is in the mornings.
No creatine when you wanna get cut.
Protien shakes after you work out or in the morning on days off.
No carbs in the evening.
No eating within 2 hours before sleeping.
And...abs everyday.
My answer to this was...

I don't know about the best time of day to workout, but I'm sure whenever is fine.
Creatine is close to no calories and helps increase LBM, so in effect it would help with cutting.
Protien is protien is protien. The only true difference may be that the protien in shakes are more quickly absorbed into your system that say chicken.
No carbs in the evening sounds good unless you lift in the evening.
From what I understand eating before sleeping does not turn the food to fat and little harm could come of it.
Your abs are like every other muscle so treat it like every other muscle. Your friends who have cut abs who do situps everyday aren't cut because of situps but rather because of the diet they have and their low bf%.
Would people here generally say I'm right, or have I made any mistakes in my answers. I would rather have him on WBB to check things out for himself, but he doesn't have the internet. I told him not to judge a book by it's cover, as in genetics may have played a bigger role in why his friend is leaner and stronger but that it doesn't necessarily make him more knowlegable. I by no means think I know everything, I just want to get this right.